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cPanel Web Hosting

cPanel Control Panel

All our hosting plans come with cPanel included. cPanel is a very popular web hosting and email control panel and is an essential key to a successful web hosting experience. cPanel puts all your hosting features is a secure user friendly admin.

How to Access cPanel

cPanel can be easily accessed from out client login area. Or you can simply type your domain into a web browser with "/cpanel" at the end, then hit enter and login. For example,

Quick and Easy to Use

cPanel has an intuitive interface with all the links to controls on the one home page. Even the most novice can use it to add emails, view statistics, edit web pages etc.

Comprehensive Email Management

Add or delete email accounts, change passwords, view or change disk quotas on a per user basis, add forwarders, add emails on parked domains, create auto-responders, filter emails on any text. cPanel includes 3 webmail programs to choose from allowing you to check email from any computer without setting up Outlook or Mail.

Simplifies Website Management

cPanels File Manager allows you to add or edit any of your web pages. cPanel also makes installing and integrating website applications a breeze.

Auto Install Free Website Software

Blogs, photo galleries, forums, content management systems. Including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc can be quickly installed using our auto website software installer.

Website Backups

cPanel allows you do generate and download a single file backup of your entire hosting account which includes website, databases, emails, email forwarders and email filter configurations etc. We recommended customers to regularly backup their accounts.


Our cPanel uses SSL Certificate encryption. When you are logged into cPanel or downloading a backup your data is encrypted using SSL.