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SSL Certificate Price

Use SSL to protect customer data and rank higher in Google.
Easy to install and use. The benefits outweigh the cost.

SSL Certificate Price

1yr SSL Certificate $90
2yr SSL Certificate $160

IP Address Price

1yr IP Address $60
2yr IP Address $100

SSL certificates require an IP Address for security and a web hosting plan with us. Existing clients can order as an Addon to their web hosting plan once logged in to our website.

What is an SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate protects communications between web browsers and servers. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the protocol used for data encryption on the internet and for confirming the owner of the website.

What is SSL encryption for

It used to protect important information being passed over the internet, credit card information for example. The most common use of SSL encryption is for securing customer shopping cart orders, both when orders are being placed and when viewing orders in admin. But is increasingly being used by any website to improve Google ranking by providing identity integrity and security.

How is an SSL Certificate used

To begin using SSL, place an order for a specific domain name which needs to be hosted with us. We then install the SSL certificate on your domain web hosting account. Once installed an SSL Certificate can be used by adding a single letter "s" to the "http" part of a link or form action url. For example, becomes Whenever a page is linked to or accessed with the "s", the page and included data will use the SSL protocol therefore making it secure. It's very easy to implement. Our staff can provide further guidance if required.

How long does a certifcate last

An SSL Certifcate can only be used on one domain name and the certificate registration can be registered for 1-2 year periods at a time.

We only install our own SSL Certificates and only on domains hosted on our servers.